Praise GOD, this is to inform your Church and it’s congregation of the gathering of all Harris County and all the surrounding county Churches to be part of the sharing of God’s word, spiritual events, motivated speakers, many Church choirs, fun and games for the kids, food and refreshments.

   The look on an individual’s face when they experience the sight of thousands of people all coming together to worship our Heavenly Father is a gift from God in itself. The opportunity to witness thousands of people receiving the word of God (many for the first time) is a miracle within itself. There IS strength in numbers, God willing this retreat will be very strong and become an annual retreat event in Houston and around the world.

If you are the Pastor of your Church and might possibility be interested in speaking at this retreat, The Glory of God Retreat committee would love to place you on the list of possible speakers and choirs. Our Pastor Speakers theme: Each Pastor’s sermon is from an individual book in the Bible. This year’s theme will be the first 23 of 46 books of the Old Testament, next year’s theme will be the second 23 of 46 books of the Old Testament and the following year’s theme will be the 27 books of the New Testament. This years’ time allotment for each speaker is 41 minutes.

The Pastor Speakers have the main stage with overhead projection and theater sound projection system, the center field floor area is laced with different Church exhibitions, four Choir stages and a section for children s fun and game events.

  • More than 90 days from the event – $60.00
  • Less than 90 days but more than 31 from the event – $65.00
  • Less than 30 days from the event – $70.00
  • Group rates are available with price breaks available dependent on the size of the group. Call (281) 769-3774 to order for groups of 30 or more.
  • Breakfast 6am – 8am – $6.00

Donations and Sponsors are appreciated and very much needed, this retreat cost a great deal, if your organization is in the position to help, please do. We also can use volunteers for every aspect of this retreat.

If the Pastor of your organization would like to be considered for being a guest speaker in this event, please, click the link below and send us a message as to such.

Feel free to peruse the rest of the web site.

GOD BLESS everyone and we’ll see you in April, 2016.   

The Glory of GOD Retreat

(281) 769-3774

Email: Info@gogr.org

Web: http://www.GOGR.org